“I Am Because We Are” – Ubuntu

“I Am Because We Are” – Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the spirit that guides the Igbo Apprenticeship System – a business philosophy of shared prosperity where participants co-opetitively participate to attain organic economic equilibrium where accumulated market leverageable factors are constantly weighted and calibrated out, via dilution and surrendering of market share, enabling social resilience and formation of livable clusters, engineered by major participants funding their competitors, with success measured on quantifiable support to stakeholders, and not by absolute market dominance.

Igwebuike, Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya, Ubuntu, and Strength in Unity largely mean the same.

See it this way, a man goes into a business sector, and wins market share. Then, one day, he decides voluntarily to give out market share and immediately creates competitors for himself. And as he does that, he includes huge obligations to ensure those competitors thrive. So, magically, a system evolves where everyone is just doing well with no distorted imbalance. No one is super-rich but everyone is just fine! And the players just like it that way because “onye aghara nwanne ya” [do not leave your brethren behind] is part of the culture!

The Platform – Why I Said the Igbo Apprenticeship System is the World’s Best Business Framework


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