Home Community Insights I Resigned from My job with an Official car to pursue my Dream. An interview with Oladosu Stephen

I Resigned from My job with an Official car to pursue my Dream. An interview with Oladosu Stephen

I Resigned from My job with an Official car to pursue my Dream. An interview with Oladosu Stephen

If you have a passion for something, do everything to make it come to reality. Stephen is a great example of a burning desire to make a change in this world. Here’s what he shared with me in this interview:

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I am Oladosu Stephen Damilare, a Biochemistry (HND) graduate of the Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State, Nigeria.

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I am a person with a burning passion and undying love for technology and also, I love helping people grow.

I have known you for a long time. You are a man of vision. So what have you been up to since graduation?

Thank you, Chinedu, for the compliment. I have been up and down trying to align my purpose in life with my ambitions.

It is necessary. I see you are trying to run an NGO, can you share more about it?

Let me start with a brief story behind the Vision:

I grew up in a comfortable family that exposed me to the early use of technology devices.

If I knew that was my future, I would have studied a Computer related course in school. But eventually, I found my way back to technology.

I resigned from a job that was paying me 60000 naira with a Car in Abuja to go and learn Website Design and Digital Marketing last Year.

This was where I experienced what youths are facing. I took to the street daily and saw continuous increase in the number of school dropouts and many jobless youths.

That spurred me to found a Tech-based NGO. I feel there is a big need in the society to bridge the gap of the unemployed dropouts and graduates. I don’t have the money to start, but I realised if I should gather a youth community by starting from Nigeria, and teach them tech-based  professions of their choice, then we will have a smaller number of youths roaming the street, youths committing crimes, and youths that has lost their future.

That’s a big vision Stephen. Considering the demand of this project, how do you plan to go about this?

The NGO is a tech-based for Nigerian and African Youths.

Firstly, I have a team of dedicated male and female (youths), who are ready to join in making this a reality.

Also by doing all legal clarifications and clearance so has to register the NGO and finally comes the most important thing, the funding.

I will find all the possible means to source for funds, be it from individuals, government, organizations, etc.

If all the necessary equipment needed for training is set, I have connections with a few friends in the tech Industries, who the NGO can pay a little amount of money to carry out different training.

What has been the major challenges of actualizing this dream?


It is well. What do you want from the audience reading this interview right now?

I want them to help the NGO with funds, connections, prayers and love.

We want to register the NGO. We need money to do that. That way, the NGO will pass the first test and will be recognised by any organization who will approve our grants.

Have you leveraged several social media pages to achieve this?

Yes, we do register on a free donation site in Nigeria just like the Gofundme, but there has been no response. Although, we have not opened a social media platform for the organization.

Can you share the link to the page you said you created?

Sadly, the link has been broken by the site because of the lack of response for 30 days. So I will have to create a new link.

Sure. Feel free to share with me when it is ready. What should we expect from you in the next five years?

Wow! That’s a big question.

Expect an impactful NGO that will have reformed the future of more than 50,000 Nigerian Youths and at least 20,000 of the youths working with top tech companies, like Facebook, Google, etc

Where can the people reading this interview contact you if they want to?

They can contact me via my email or phone number.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Phone: +2348169685553

Thank you, Stephen Oladosu. I wish you a successful journey in this initiative.

Thank you very much Chinedu for having me on your show.

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