I Weep For Nigeria

I Weep For Nigeria

I weep for my country, Nigeria.

The Giant of Africa!

A land full of milk and honey,

Yet the citizens are suffering.

Graduates with ”first-class”,

Being ruled by graduates with ”pass”.

When will it get better?


What do we need to say to our leaders?

Politicians earn millions with comfort,

Citizens can’t even earn 30,000 naira every month.

Minimum wage took them ages to be implemented,

Yet we have hardship allowance for the government.


The rich keep getting richer,

The poor are turning beggars.

Buhari promised a change,

But all his words were for his gains.

Oh, Nigeria!


Your citizens are dying of xenophobia.

But our leader said he will be there in October.

Unemployment is on the rise,

To get a visa is as hard as touching the sky.

The value of public schools has dropped.


Because all our leader’s children school abroad.

No hope for a common man,

Everything is political.

Religion made it worse,

Pastors and Imams keep looting us.


Our pastor needs a car – let’s donate,

But our members can’t pay tuition – let’s pray.

Brothers can’t live together in peace.


Religion preaches against the marital union of a Christian and a Muslim.

Are we not all humans?

God made them man and woman – human.

Why the discrimination?

Why the battle for supremacy in both religions?

If a Nigerian commits a crime, he must be Igbo.

If a Nigerian kills, he is Hausa.

If a Nigerian marries ten wives, he is a Yoruba.


The idiosyncrasy of the highest order.

Stigmatization and generalization,

Leading to disagreement and confusion in the nation.

Look at your roads,

You can’t travel safely back home.


Mr. President,

Are you not ashamed of yourself?

Don’t you travel overseas?

Tell us what you see.


A leader that cannot use his own medical facilities is a failure.

Our youths must stand up for their future.

Revolution must happen.

You can’t sit and complain because no one will hear you.

It’s time to fight the government.


It’s time to be independent.

For how long will you be fooled?

The government doesn’t love you.

Not after the hefty paychecks.


While you sit and ask what’s next,

Government already secured the future for their children.

It’s time for the dog to eat dog.

It’s time to fight for what you love.

Fela already talk am – ”sorrow, tears and blood”

That’s what it takes to rise above.


When I saw the clips of Nigerians that died in South Africa,

When I see first-class graduates earn less than 100 dollars,

When I see the Boko Haram killing the people every time,

When I see senators earning billions after the four-year tenure,

I weep for my country, Nigeria.

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5 thoughts on “I Weep For Nigeria

  1. This is very profound and interesting. Getting a visa hard? Well, still trying to understand whether this is a letter from an escaping youth or a soon to be…

    Besides all these. The write-up is on point. Good job!

  2. focus less on Buhari and the Governors, they came from within us , they are not aliens !!!! We dont need to take lead we just need to do the right things at the right times and Nigeria will change drastically . Economy is not our problem and we have flogged leadership since i can write , yet we never talk about where we all come out from??? Our Homes!! it begins from our home , so weep for Nigerian Homes that has lost values and it core .


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