IBM’s 100 Years Longevity – What Next?

We received this in an email from an Indian publication house. We like the idea and making it public to our readers for anyone that wants to contribute. Send your comments, answers, interviews to [email protected] and we will send to the team in India.


The ANALYST is a flagship publication of the Icfai University Press. It brings to life the insights and best practices of corporate world in the area of finance. Every month The Analyst delivers in-depth analysis and thought-provoking ideas. It is a unique menu of interesting cover stories, debates, case studies, interviews with corporate elites across the globe.


In the forthcoming issue of the ANALYST, we intend to publish an article on IBM’s 100 Years Longevity – What Next? In this context, we invite you to share your perceptions on the subject. (Questionnaire enclosed)


It would be of great convenience to us, if you send your response by July 6, 2011. You may respond the same in the form of interview and questionnaire is being sent herewith for the purpose. (If you are interested to contribute by invitation article on the subject, we are most welcome (around 2000 Words.)



Looking forward to a positive reply from your end


Questionnaire – IBM’s 100 Years Longevity – What Next?

1. How do you view the saga of big blue’s 100 years longevity and what is the biggest bet it has made in its long journey?

2. In an industry which is characterized innovation and change than any other industry perhaps, why is IBM still alive and thriving after so long period?

3. There is a notion that big companies mostly try to defend their existing domains rather than explore and conquer new ones. How different is IBM on this front?

4.   The big blue’s ability to constantly reinvent itself and enjoy prolonged success is something its peers envy. How it has been able to do differently to stay on top of changes and opportunities?

5.   How does IBM encourage employees to think big and to ensure the balance between short-term and long-term financial goals?

6.   What lessons [email protected] can offers other teach majors like Apple, H-P and Microsoft?

7.   Any other issues would you like to comment upon the topic?

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