iBoysoft Data Recovery is Reliable Data Recovery Software

iBoysoft Data Recovery is Reliable Data Recovery Software

In this digital environment, the value of data is self-evident. As a result, the technology about storage media is evolving with more complexity, larger capacity, and longer lifespan too. Even though the disks are more reliable than they were before, improper operations, unexpected power-off, malware attacks or other reasons still make the data loss bound-to-happen.

It is hard to bear with the situation where the lost data contains the files you will never expect to be lost. Fortunately, companies like iBoysoft have been working on the professional data recovery software for you to restore the valuables.

iBoysoft is a start-up company which specializes in data recovery and disk management solutions for both Windows and Mac users. One of iBoysoft products is named iBoysoft Data Recovery that helps get back deleted or lost from desktops, laptops or any other portable disks like external hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives and memory sticks. It requires no experiences of data recovery and recover deleted or lost data within a few clicks. Data recovery can be amazingly effective and successful with the software.

iBoysoft Data Recovery retrieves the deleted or lost data in three simple steps. First of all, you need to install the software on your computer, identify which disk you want to scan for data and make sure it is connected to the computer. The software provides Windows version and Mac version for your choice. Then next step is to decide which scan mode you want to search for the lost files. The software provides Quick scan and Deep scan. For deleted files, Quick scan is time-saving and has a great chance to find them back. If your data becomes inaccessible because of formatting or corruption, check Deep scan before you start to scan the disk. Deep scan will take longer time to scan the whole disk sector by sector and find more files. Even old files can be found by Deep scan. The last step is to preview the files and recover the wanted ones. The software has enhanced pre-recovery features to help locate certain files quickly. A single click can bring you detailed information of a file especially the thumbnail. Additionally, the tool can provoke applications on the computer to preview the whole content of a file. If a file can be previewed, it can be recovered.

Key features of iBoysoft Data Recovery:

  1. Recover data after Recycle Bin or Trash has been emptied.

People may think files are permanently deleted once Recycle Bin or Trash has been emptied. In fact, they are just marked as deleted but not wiped off the disk yet. iBoysoft Data Recovery can trace down the deleted files from emptied Recycle Bin or Trash.

  1. Recover photos, multimedia files, documents, and any types of files

iBoysoft Data Recovery is a comprehensive data recovery tool to support almost all-type file recovery, especially good at photo recovery, video recovery, email file recovery and documents recovery.

  1. Recover data in various data loss situations

Data can be lost due to accidental deletion, mistaken formatting, sudden disk corruption, unexpected computer breakdown, etc. iBoysoft Data Recovery can deal with all data loss scenarios and can save data from formatted/RAW/unreadable/corrupted/inaccessible disks.

In addition to that, the software can recover data from BitLocker encrypted partition (Windows version) and encrypted APFS volumes (Mac version). Another feature needs to be mentioned is that the Mac version can even recover data from bootable Macs.

  1. Excellent compatibility

iBoysoft Data Recovery is maintained and optimized carefully by iBoysoft developers. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Widnows is fully compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac can work on macOS 10.15/10.14/10.13/10.12 and OS X 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7. The tool is very stable and won’t cause any damages to your data or the devices.

Final words

iBoysoft has quick and professional technical support to assist you. If you are a student or a staff in a government or non-profit organization, the company is happy to give you 20% discount on all their products.

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