“I’m completely enjoying the #TekediaMiniMBA outstanding materials” – A Testimonial

“I’m completely enjoying the #TekediaMiniMBA outstanding materials” – A Testimonial

Thank you Segla Segla MBB,PMP, MBA for the kind words on Tekedia Mini-MBA from Tekedia Institute. This is amazing  – and awesome. It goes to our faculty and all co-learners. Tekedia Mini-MBA is largely a community service I must note. Our mission is to co-learn, co-share and rise together. In today’s Tekedia Live with edition 3 members, a member asked a question on pricing and how to arrive at the optimal number. In my response, I brought up Bigi Cola, Lacasera and Coke to explain.

Quickly, a member wrote: “ I thought you live in the U.S. How come you know the prices of Bigi Cola, Lacasera and Coke per bottle” in Nigeria. I wrote back: “It is an honour that for all the programs in the world, you decided to join us. It is our responsibility to demonstrate that by being prepared, always”.

We will keep getting better. Thanks.

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