In Praise of SMALL Data

In Praise of SMALL Data

In this video, I explain why you need to invest in SMALL data even as you expand your capacities on big data. The fusion of both will bring the great innovative moments in your company. While big data gives you the averages, the small data provides insights on the outliers which are usually ignored. Within those outliers are elements for disruption.

When data does not make sense, it does not mean that it has to be cleansed to fit into a big data analytic construct [we are guilt of cleaning data]; it simply means that the typical business model is not for it. Data does not lie, but cleansed data could hide truths. It averages lives and events, normalizing all moments that pass through it.

Yes, they swore, using data, that Africans could not afford mobile phone services, until an African son proved everyone wrong. The big data looked at growth and per capita income; the small data looked at the elemental culture that Africans like to talk, over writing. No wonder, except the Ethiopians, no other major culture invented any way of writing before colonialism.
That said: have a data New Year ahead.



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