Internet Power for Presidential Task Force on Power. Good Website for Great Power in Nigeria

We know that the news is good – the FG is close to securing World Bank’s guarantee for power investors.  Yes, the Federal Government is close to securing a World Bank Partial Risk Guarantee for the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc, which will assure investors in power generating plants that they will always be paid for power supplied to the distribution companies.

We checked on the site after this news and met a very clean and neatly designed site. Congratulations Presidential Task Force on Power. Your website rocks. That is impressive.

Also we noted they have a Facebook website! What a functioning system on the web. We are confident that this will translate to more Watts for businesses and families. Awesome!

These are the focus from the website:




Distribution can be described as the “downstream” sector of the electric power industry.  It involves delivering power directly to homes and industries. Lines and transformers of much lower capacity (ranging from 33KV/415V to 11 KV/415 V) are used in the distribution sector. The distribution aspect of electricity also directly involves dealing with the consumer and overseeing such functions as meter installation, billing for power consumed and revenue collection.


Nigeria’s Power Reform


Nigerians are among the people most deprived of grid-based electricity in the world with a per capita consumption that is far lower than many other African countries’.  A South African is provided 97 per cent more electricity than a Nigerian while a Brazilian enjoys 93 per cent more. With a population of 150 million, Nigeria’s generation capacity is around 3,600 Megawatts.



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