Invest in Knowledge and Build Mines of Knowledge

Invest in Knowledge and Build Mines of Knowledge

Last year, I flew a UN helicopter to meet his cabinet. Yesterday, my phone rang. It was His Excellency. He said, “when can you return?” Covid-19 has destroyed one of the most exciting things in life: bringing big changes where impacts are highest. Young people here, let me tell you one thing: never miss an opportunity to do your best. I meet influential people around the world – very rich people, political leaders, etc – and in nearly all of them, I expanded an opportunity through a small opening.

When given an opportunity, PREPARE, DELIVER and RISE. Be so valuable that a president can “spend” his precious two hours listening to you. Invest in knowledge and accelerate ahead – be a fountain of knowledge and build MINES of Knowledge in and around you!

Knowledge. Knowledge. Knowledge. Nothing opens palaces, presidential villas, corporate boards, etc than it. It is the best product you can buy!


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4 thoughts on “Invest in Knowledge and Build Mines of Knowledge

  1. By all means, get knowledge; but not at the expense of your spiritual well-being. There’s a limit to the value of knowledge of things that are passing away with time. Be wise!

    1. Your comment does not really make sense. It is only through knowledge that you can have a better spiritual life. I wish you can explain your point better. Either the Bible, Quoran or any religion, you have to be diligent to seek knowledge on the truth to have a liberation from dogmas. In the Bible, Apostle Paul challenged early Christians to be diligent. So, thinking that you can be a fervent christian, for example, without the pursuit of knowledge and seeking the truths in the Words is an illusion. Wisdom comes through knowledge and you cannot really have it without knowledge.

  2. Knowledge! Knowledge!!Knowledge!!.

    You can wake up without knowing where the next financial, business, career or relationship breakthrough will come, knowledge will open the door.
    A well referred mentor once told me in FUTO as an undergrad saying, “If your wardrobe is costlier than your library, you have no place at the top”. That statement has been a guiding light on my intentional investment in accumulating capabilities in areas of interest.

    Thank you Prof for everything you are doing for us at TEKEDIA Mini-MBA, it’s mind blowing. I had a 5- minutes chat with my MD using some things I learned from TEKEDIA MINI MBA and I can see the amazement from his face. I hope to be a pioneer student of TEKEDIA GLOBAL MBA program, it’s going to be indescribable.


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