Jumia And Konga Are Selling Mainly Graphics

Jumia And Konga Are Selling Mainly Graphics

E-commerce has definitely taken over the world. The likes of Alibaba, Amazon, Old Navy Blue, are doing an awesome job in this space. But when it comes to Africa, we are always a way behind in everything. 

Our e-commerce service has been nothing to write home about. I will talk about two African giants in this space, Jumia and Konga, both have been doing a great job but I think they need to do more. 

My experience with both companies was not the best. Although they are good at delivering their services, their services are somehow not in line with the money spent. In short, there was no value for my money. 

I ordered a car Bluetooth on Jumia in May, this year. It was scheduled to be delivered a week later but I got it two days after making my payment. To my surprise, the product was far from what I saw online. They sold graphics to me. 

Out of annoyance, I called them out on Twitter and LinkedIn. Although they responded and refunded my money a week after, I was never interested in their services anymore. I uninstalled their app and unsubscribed from their email list. 

I moved to Konga to see if they would be better. I had the worst experience compared to Jumia. I bought four pairs of shoes that cost more than 30000 naira ($100 USD approximately). 

They were so fake in quality. I could barely wear two pairs of shoes from the four pairs I bought. I packed everything under my bed. Seeing those shoes this morning, triggered my emotions to write this piece. 

Jumia and Konga are not ready for quality e-commerce service. All I see so far, display of graphics to entice the audience and leave them with very awful customer experience. I doubt if Amazon or Alibaba would ever do such in the Western world. Why do we always have mediocrity in Africa? 

Could it be because Africans love cheap things?

But mind you, the products on Jumia and Konga are not cheap. In fact, they are more expensive than what we see in the Onitsha general market or Gbagi market. So if we are paying more, why give us less. It is a slap on Africans as a whole. 

I want both companies to succeed and compete at the International level at least, but I don’t see this happening sooner or later.

My interaction with friends justified my article as well. None of them endorsed both companies.

One of my friends even labelled them a scam. 

My advice to Jumia and Konga, you can only deceive the people once. Leaving an awful customer experience is bad for your companies. Do more. Give people value for the money. Check out your vendors. They are the one responsible for shipping fake products to people.

Remember, your brands are at stake. People won’t blame vendors, they’ll blame Jumia and Konga. I wish this piece of advice get through to you. 

Africa deserves better!

Africans deserve the best!!

God bless Jumia and Konga!!!

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3 thoughts on “Jumia And Konga Are Selling Mainly Graphics

  1. God’s blessing is by one’s handwork – just like it say in the Holy Bible, what one sows is what he/she reaps. Nice and brilliant article.

  2. What type/quality of shoes would you buy four pairs for 30,000 naira or approximately $100?
    To get a pair of quality shoes on your own fir $100 or 30,000naira is hard enough,how much more somebody running the errand for you.
    I don’t think you had a reasonable expectations from konga,they’ve been largely efficient and trustworthy in nigeria and to us in nigeria.


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