Just Confirmed to Speak in Paris (France) on Oct 9-10

Just Confirmed to Speak in Paris (France) on Oct 9-10

I just confirmed an invitation through the French Embassy in Nigeria to speak in an event in Paris. It is to speak in one of the biggest technology-focused events in France. The event holds October 9-10, 2018. I will share more details later.

Besides that, I also want to meet Africans in Paris during the trip. If you have a local community and can organize an event, it would be good we connect and share ideas. We have some good structures and can share one or two things to help people who want to do things back home.

Want to organize the event? Please connect with my community manager via email.

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2 thoughts on “Just Confirmed to Speak in Paris (France) on Oct 9-10

  1. You’re living your dream!.
    Please,aim for global relevance in your companies,africa and africans should start from somewhere,your companies have very wonderful technologies,achieving global recognitions,you need to use this your young age to drive them now.


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