Justin Emereni Shares The Secret of Landing A Job And Creating A Good Resume

Justin Emereni Shares The Secret of Landing A Job And Creating A Good Resume

You can get a job with less stress. Yes, I mean, you can apply for a job and be sure of getting an invitation for the interview.

Justin shared how he transitioned from one career into another. He decided to help many job seekers and employees out there.

Can you introduce yourself to the audience?

I am Emereni Justin Osinachi, a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu Campus.

I also happen to be the Founder of Justin Consulting, which is basically an initiative born out of sheer passion to educate young graduates on the basic things they need to know in order to ensure they are better prepared to seize opportunities as they come. I’ve been doing this for over 3 years and I would say I’ve lectured over 3,000 graduates since inception. 

I currently work at the National Assembly where I provide technical assistance to the Special Adviser on Legislative Matters to the Hon. Speaker, but I find myself doing what I love most, imparting knowledge and helping young graduates become confident while facing the labour market. 

I also provide professional and technical assistance in the area of CV Writing, Cover Letter Writing, and LinkedIn Optimization which is all in a bid to ensure that job seekers are better prepared to seize opportunities as they come.

Thanks for the great introduction. I’m very pleased to have you on this segment. You studied Banking and Finance, but you are working with the Special Adviser, how are you able to fit into that role considering your course of study?

Well, I served at the Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance, and Other Financial Services during my NYSC, after which I got a job with an honourable member where I gained the needed experience in carrying out various functions such as drafting of Legislative Brief, Motions, and all the process that leads up to the passage of Bills.

I later got employed by the S.A Legislative Matters to the Hon. Speaker where I assist in drafting various documents deemed necessary for the speaker through the S.A Legislative Matters. 

Although I read Banking and Finance, I was able to learn fast both during my service year and also while working with a Legislator. The ability to learn quickly is indeed integral if you want to succeed in any given environment, and so I have learnt to adapt and I did that through dedication and hard work.

You are definitely right. One must be versatile in this tough economic situation in the country. While introducing yourself, you mentioned your company. Can you share more about it, please?

Thank you!

Justin Consulting is more like an initiative I started over two years ago. It started more like a WhatsApp group where I added up fresh graduates and job seekers alike and I lecture them on a variety of topics which I feel would help boost their job search. 

I lecture them on various topics ranging from CV Writing, Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn Optimization, Applicant Tracking System, Job Interview Tips etc. And i did all these for Free. 

For me, it was more about sharing knowledge while I improved upon myself through constant research so as to ensure that I give them information that is in touch with reality. 

I decided to expand my brand and so I offer professional services to clients both at home and abroad. I’ve recorded success stories from clients and nothing gives me joy that hearing a client say he/she got the job. 

Recently, I’ve incorporated a few varieties to the services rendered, I also teach young graduates graphic design which could serve as a source of income to them. 

I am all about creating a meaningful change in those I meet, helping them feel more confident in a society ravaged by gross unemployment.

You often talk more about CV and Resume, is there any difference between the two?

Thank you for this question, the word resumé is of French origin and it means “to sum up”, in other words, a resumé is more of a brief summary (overview) of an applicants work history. A resume could be one or two paged, it should be concise and targeted to suit the job applied for. 

A CV, on the other hand, is a more detailed document as compared to a resumé, it is more comprehensive. It contains information ranging from your professional summary, Core Competencies and Achievements, Education, Certification, Awards, Publications, etc. 

Although here in Nigeria we use the word interchangeably he is basically the core difference between the two. And so i would say, Yes, there is a difference but not that much difference at that.

Which one do you recommend for a job seeker?

Although most organizations do specify, i recommend a CV for job seekers. Recruiters what a concise, focused, and targeted CV. 

The issue with most job seekers is that they fill up their CV with so much irrelevant information all in the bid to impress the recruiter no knowing they are doing the direct opposite. 

A hiring manager would read your CV in just 20 seconds,  if your CV is concise it saves him the stress and makes decision making easier.  

I advise job seekers to always make sure their CV is well woven to fit the job description, it’s important to carry out regular editing of their CV while applying for a job.

That leads me to this question, what makes a recruiter consider a CV?

Thank you for the question Chinedu.

A recruiter sends out a job advert with the hope that qualified candidates would apply, also, the recruiter takes out time to enlist the job description which states emphatically what the role of the intended candidate would be. 

A fundamental question that comes to the mind of the recruiter when your CV is read is, “Are you qualified for the role”? How you go about justifying this claim would ultimately determine if you would be called up or not. 

What makes your CV worth considering is simply how well you are able to showcase beyond a reasonable doubt that you are indeed qualified for the role.

Pay attention to your Professional Summary as this section gives the recruiter a glimpse of your level of experience and the core traits that makes you stand out, it also states what you are bringing on board. A recruiter is a buyer of skills and so he/she is more interested in what you have to offer. 

Also, the way your job description is listed matters a lot, it’s important to list out your past job responsibilities in a way that portrays you more like an ” Achiever” instead of a “doer”. When a recruiter reads through your work history, he/she is concerned about how you were of value to your past employers, so make sure to showcase how valuable you are.

You have been doing a lot for job seekers, with testimonials to back it. How can you be contacted if your service is required?

I could be contacted over here on the LinkedIn platform just by sending me a direct message of which I would be glad to respond to you, I can also be reached via email [email protected], or you could call or WhatsApp me with the number +2348023510934. Thank you!

What platform would you recommend for job seekers and why?

I recommend LinkedIn a thousand times over, all job seekers need to have a LinkedIn account that’s well optimized to ensure they get seen by the right audience when a search is conducted by a third party. 

It doesn’t stop at having a well-written LinkedIn profile, as Bill Gates says, “Content is King”, and so without them sharing content on the LinkedIn platform it would all amount to nothing. 

Job seekers need to learn how to form a content strategy, share valuable and engaging content that would be of benefit to their connections, engage productively on other persons post that meets their interest, and form a habit of consistency as the LinkedIn algorithm rewards consistency. 

LinkedIn is a haven for professionals, I would advise job seekers to feel free and interact on the platform, they’ve got to showcase the stuff they are made of, and by so doing improve upon their overall self-development. 

You never know who is reading, you never know whose interests you may capture. Concentrate on sharing value and opportunities would find you.

Thank you, Justin. You have shared a lot of value in this interview. I wish you a wonderful holiday.

Thank you so much Chinedu for the opportunity, I do appreciate.

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