Kade Keyo – A Solution Centre

Kade Keyo – A Solution Centre

The birth of an easier, simpler access channel to solutions for SMEs and Individuals as created by Kade Keyo.

Kade Keyo is a company whose existence is founded on creating solutions for the prevailing societal challenges faced by individuals and business owners on a daily basis, from startups to established companies. Each solution module created, is made with the goals and vision of the company; improve the standard of living for every societal class of individual and business alike, through simple, practical applications that would benefit local businesses, strengthen the local currency, as well as improve the standard of living from communities to the country at large.

Solution access, experience and implementation was further simplified with the introduction of the Kade Keyo | Solution Centre from the 1st of August 2020.

As the name implies, the Solution Centre (SC) is a walk in centre that allows anyone access to a list of active solutions to choose from, or just simply want to know more about us. Our solution modules are designed for specific categories of people and allows people to choose the best solution to the prevailing challenges faced, and walk out better than when they came in.

As we consistently work to create more modules for different variants, some of pur active modules are listed below;

  1. Grow Fund is a financial partnership solution simply created to meet the financial needs of individuals and families in the area of saving and enjoying another stream of income for 12 months. This is made possible by their partnering with our success as a company, through the purchase of Grow Fund (GF) units , and receive monthly payments of profit returns generated from our various business activities, as well as add a growth value to the GF partners’ money used to purchase units. This goes on for 12 months, and on the 13th month, both the accrued growth value and initial value paid for the units acquired are paid back into their bank account. To become a GF partner, units can be acquired at the solution centre.
  1. Ping! is a solution created to meet the needs of the following groups of people;
    • People who want to increase sales in products and services using the social media platform.
    • People who are social media savvy, use the social media platforms oftentimes, and wouldn’t mind an extra income stream. These are the
    • People who are interested in the product or services to purchase. 
  1. Business Box is a solution package specially made for entrepreneurs (startups or existing businesses). It comes as a business kit, and contains uniquely designed solutions (customized business plan, editable business proposal, pitch deck,1 month free consultation access, project and process advisory ) to meet your business needs, as well as a Business Consultant available to walk with you  from start to success. The business kit comes with unique packages dedicated for basic, intermediate and full access to business solutions put together to ensure your business s
  2. Union is a partnership solution module made for people who understand and are willing to key into our vision. This solution offers the following partnership categories;
    • Affiliate partnership is a reward system where we appreciate our partners who help to spread the word about what we do. For every client we close deals through our partner’s activities, he or she would get a percentage commission from it.
    • Financial partnerships are for partners who are willing to partner with what we do via their finances, helping us meet our goals, as well as accomplishing their financial objectives. Partners can come in as silent force or investor partnership categories. Newer categories will be created as we make progress.
    • Venture partnerships are for partners who want to partner with specific projects we are currently undertaking. Our current ventures include a citrus specific farm venture called Tbx Farms, among other ventures currently in incubation. Stocks are still available and interested individuals can enquire to find out more details.

For further enquiries and more information, we are available to speak with you via the following channels; Call/chat: 08119641271

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.sckadekeyo.com

Physical Interaction:

Musterpoint Coworking Space, No 1, Adekunle Owobiyi close, Off Oladele Kadiri street, Adjacent Babcock Schools, Ogba, Lagos.

We believe that understanding is the true basis for every partnership. In that regard, we currently hold weekly Open House Sessions (OHS) every Tuesday, from 12 to 2pm for interested clients and potential partners, who want to really understand what we do beyond the social internet stage. These Open House Sessions would currently run from the 22nd of September to the 15th of December 2020.

As long as problems exists, we never tire to keep looking, researching,  developing  and implementing practical ways to make life better for the people and communities we serve.

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