Kusnap X-Rays Nigeria’s Ecommerce Growth, Unveils Features Update

Kusnap X-Rays Nigeria’s Ecommerce Growth, Unveils Features Update

It is important to note that Kusnap Africa Limited (with registration number RC:1505040) came into the limelight in May 2020 following the desire to ease the trading difficulties that were being experienced at the time due to Covid-19. Since then, Kusnap has established itself as one of the credible and top e-commerce platforms that entrepreneurs rely on in running businesses in the digital space in Nigeria.

Therefore, the acute penetration of Kusnap over the last few months has brought with it endless opportunities that many entrepreneurs seize as advantages to propagate and expand their businesses. Without a doubt, running a business in the digital space has become more exciting, especially in our ever-growing technology world. The pandemic has driven technology advancement, which has resulted in a ripple effect that has changed the whole landscape of business and trading, leading to a new normal.

Interestingly, the digital space in Nigeria has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. It is not surprising because many people get exposed daily to the boundless opportunities available to online businesses. Currently, Nigeria is among the top countries with an effective internet economy in Africa and one of the big players on the global stage. Nigeria is the 6th populous nation in the world after Brazil, with a sufficiently young population, which is doubtlessly the reason for the exponential growth seen in the Nigerian digital sphere.

With improving technological development, standard infrastructure for ideal internet connectivity, and good network coverage, there has been a rapid rise in internet penetration up to about 60 percent (according to Statista). Additionally, the rate of ownership of mobile devices in Nigeria is up to 50 percent, allowing more access to the internet through mobile devices than desktops. All these statistics contribute to the growth of the Nigerian landscape and make it a huge potential market for many e-commerce businesses to thrive. This is an indication that Nigeria is moving towards a cashless economy, which is understandable as diverse digital payments and electronic banking are being executed through phases. Also, numerous emerging digital financial service platforms have helped the proliferation and growth of e-commerce in Nigeria.

Considering the opportunities established about the Nigerian e-commerce industry, Kusnap comes in to lift traditional businesses, retail traders, and prepare them to tap into the market and prospects provided by e-commerce. Kusnap is a social enterprise that pays less attention to profit-making but prioritizes the well-being of the Nigeria business ecosystem and entrepreneurs. Its activities are 100% online and designed to allow entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by giving their businesses more reach and exposure to a bigger target market. It is also the fastest-growing online marketplace in Nigeria, where people source goods and services for purchase.

Through Kusnap, entrepreneurs can set up their virtual shops to allow customers across Nigeria to patronize their products/services. Selling products and services through Kusnap is easier and faster than a shop in-situ. Features of the platform enable products to reach an expanded target market segment, improve sales, and boost business growth within a short period. With the high population of Nigeria, there is a huge market and excellent opportunities so lucrative to ensure that businesses on the platform not only thrive but also grow to their best.

There are many intrinsic and indispensable features on Kusnap that help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Each of these features makes doing business online fascinating and engaging for both the buyers and the sellers. The features also give buyers and sellers a real-feel of a physical shopping experience but with the exception that they are buying from the comfort of their homes.

Features such as clear and spotless product images give buyers an idea of the physical features of the product in terms of size, shape, and other important characteristics of the item on display. The product description on Kusnap is remarkably simple as it gives detailed information to buyers beyond the physical features on display. It could be in the form of volume, weight, concentration, use, and so on. Kusnap also incorporates product reviews, which gives customers who have purchased particular products/services a chance to share their experiences in using such products or services. It also tells buyers more about what to expect when potential buyers use such products. Of significant importance is the star ratings that show how satisfied consumers are with a particular product.

The ratings range from 1-5, with 1 star indicating a less than impressive experience, while 5 represents an excellent experience. Another powerful tool that enhances interaction on the Kusnap platform is the chat feature. It allows potential buyers to chat with the sellers about the other aspects of products/services not listed on the description page. Or to negotiate prices and where to pick up the items. Should any customers experience challenges, the support feature helps to sort out any issues that the users on the platform might experience. This feature definitely adds a lot of spice to the shopping experience while also guaranteeing rapid customer conversion.

Sample products at Kusnap

Kusnap has a team of high-level innovators, skilled technical staff, and creative professionals who are committed to providing all businesses the chance to utilize the many opportunities that digital technology offers businesses. As a result, businesses on the Kusnap platform are second to none. It gives a competitive edge over many other similar products/services that are either offline or on other platforms.

In the last few months of operation in Nigeria, users have provided countless positive reviews about the boundless advantages and benefits they enjoy while serving their businesses through Kusnap. This has resulted in a large influx of entrepreneurs (including buyers and sellers) into the platform, making Kusnap the fastest-growing e-commerce platform in Nigeria, a credit to the quality of service and delivery offer to all parties involved in business transactions on Kusnap.

Bringing your business to the online space through Kusnap is one of the best moves you can make for your business today. Your business on Kusnap guarantees you benefits that you would most likely not enjoy through the traditional means of running a business. Through Kusnap, your business is assured of more exposure to your target market, faster buying process, store and product listing creation, cost reduction, affordable advertising and marketing, flexibility for customers, No reach limitations, product and price comparison, faster response to buyer/market demands, several payment options, and many others. These advantages help many businesses to grow exponentially in a shorter time, which we believe is what entrepreneurs desire.

Other improvements on the Kusnap platform are a re-designed user interface and the GROUP function. The re-designed interface allows for ultra-fast loading of pages to ease surfing through the platform. It makes buying experience more exciting for buyers and entrepreneurs who own businesses. Increased customer engagement and retention are also enjoyed through this update. The GROUP feature embedded into the system is also enhanced, which allows customers to carry out transactions while on the platform. Sellers can create any type of group of business interest, add items to it, and display it on the e-commerce website so that each item appears where shoppers are most likely to find it.

Buyers and sellers on the platform can now set alerts notifications for when a particular product is available. It is great news to many buyers whose favorite products run out of stock, as they will easily be notified when such products are restocked and available. For ease of shopping, you can also easily view your recently viewed items. It comes in handy, especially in a scenario where you find yourself on another unfamiliar page. You can easily tap on the recently viewed items and return to products you wish to purchase.

Finally, entrepreneurs have the option to select multiple images at a time during product upload. It gives potential buyers more insight into the products you sell and other details that may seem interesting to buyers. The ability to upload more selective images of your products offers additional credibility to the quality of products you have put up for sale. Also, a text editor has been integrated for an enhanced product description. This additionally provides greater details of the products or services your business intends to offer buyers. Another interesting feature is editing product photos right there on www.kusnap.com as well as styling it the way you want. This is giving more to customers than they want.

In conclusion, opportunities in Nigeria’s e-commerce industry are briefly explained, and the update looks great as it is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers on www.kusnap.com, as it all makes the shopping experience easier, comfortable, and faster. It helps both entrepreneurs and consumers get what they all want – top-quality service and delivery. Are you an entrepreneur intending to take your business digital? Or you are a consumer interested in getting products and services through e-commerce platforms? Join Kusnap today and enjoy a never-ending experience of top-notch e-commerce like never experienced before.

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