“Let there be showers of As”.

“Let there be showers of As”.

This morning, teaching in my home grace and hardwork, and faith, I went back to secondary school and the prayer before exams in the Scripture Union. We would meet for a very short prayer before the term meetup is closed. Uzoaku, our then student-leader, would close, proclaiming “Let there be showers of As”. Have a great Sunday.

Father, thank you for grace – the amazing and abiding grace.

I have worked hard this term and I am prepared.

As exams begin tomorrow, qualify me before my teachers.

And as people sleep tonight, and your angels go out to bless, remember me.

May my work shine glory to your Name.

And let people testify of Your glory because of my grades.

My hands are raised up unto the heavens – see them, Father, and bless.

David made his sound with cymbals.

I want to make mine with As in this exam.


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