Lite Demo of Rhapsody App is Available At App Store

A demo app version of the Rhapsody of Realities is now available (full version after working with the copyright owners)


e-Rhapsody is an electronic way to read the best selling daily devotional and Bible study guide (Rhapsody of Realities).


e-Rhapsody provide a reminder to the user every morning to read his/her daily devotional for the day. It should be noted that this Application is a lite-demo and as thus its functionality is limited.


Compatibility: This app has been tested and found to be compatible through Android v1.0 to Android v3.


How do I download this app? – Click on the download button above to start your download.  Alternatively, you can scan the barcode in the page to download directly to your phone.


How do I install this app on my Android device? –  After downloading, copy the APK file to your device, launch it and follow the on screen instructions to install the app on your device.


How do I get the full version of this app? – The full version of e-Rhapsody would be available on our appstore soon.

How much does this app cost? – Nothing. This app is offered free of charge.

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