Mastering The Art of Sales Excellence

Mastering The Art of Sales Excellence

Good People, pure excellence from the dean of sales. You need to attend the class to experience and master the physics of sales; the videos are amazing. When salesmen deliver sales classes, markets move.

He is a dean of mastering sales in Africa. He knows the mechanics and pillars of sales excellence. He has written about them and taught them in leading companies in Africa, and beyond. Banks know him, MNCs always have him, and startups follow his philosophy: build quality contacts, connect, and sell at scale.

Lagos Business School brings him regularly to help its students acquire one of the most important capabilities in business: selling things! He wrote the book –  The Critical Pillars of Sales Excellence: How to Prospect, Sell and Win Customers.

Ferdinand Ibezim, a Tekedia Institute Faculty, will lead a session on Mastering The Art of Sales Excellence in Tekedia Mini-MBA. This is one of the most important elements of this program. Yes, we want our members to go out there and win. Simply, they must EXECUTE, and mastering how to sell is part of it. Our faculty is a leader in preparing innovators and project champions on how to win markets! Five star rating.


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