Medcera Begins Serving Sierra Leone

Medcera Begins Serving Sierra Leone

We have a framework we use to build solutions in my business. We like to create products that will work across Africa on Day One. Yet, we only want customers to see one and only one portal. We do not design portals; we program portals. By doing it that way, we enjoy cost-efficiency because once first country is built (typically Nigeria), building for other nations is purely marginal on cost.

In Medcera, we built a solution that activating our electronic health record (EHR) to work in any country simply means switching a button in the Admin area (see below). Once I switch the button for that country, the platform will configure itself with country phone code, currency, etc dynamically. So, as you look at, you see one website. But behind it, we have one platform that can support 50+ African countries with each additional country setup requiring less than 10 seconds of work.

This evening, I activated Sierra Leone. We now have a local partner that will handle basic training to help doctors, nurses, labs, imaging, pharmacy, insurers and patients use our solution. To do that, I logged into our Admin area and switched on the button for Sierra Leone.

Once that was done, I checked the registration area, and I saw that Sierra Leone has been added (see below). With that, we have now Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Zimbabwe and Botswana in places customers can use Medcera. We continue to look for local partners across Africa.

Welcome the good people of Sierra Leone.


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