Tekedia Makes Grand Finale of Mhagic Velocity $60,000 Prize; Full Scholarships to 430 Students

Tekedia Makes Grand Finale of Mhagic Velocity $60,000 Prize; Full Scholarships to 430 Students

Note: Tekedia has bundled the last transfer. So, you cannot send any support to Tekedia as we would be unable to transfer to Mhagic before the competition ends tonight. Your only option is to vote directly. Any support sent now would be returned as Tekedia cannot bundle it anymore. There is an update here.

Tekedia Institute has made it up to  the final week of Mhagic Velocity, a talent competition with a reward of N25 million naira ($60,000). Hundreds of people and groups began this competition, and today only few are remaining. The grand finale is on Sunday. It features videos or pictorial upload of talents & skills, tasks, and weekly the most promising progress. Our talent: we make learning uncommon so that everyone understands!

Why Tekedia Institute Is Competing

Tekedia Institute wants to win the N25 million to offer full scholarships to Tekedia Mini-MBA for 430 African students. Tekedia Institute offers an innovation management 12-week program, optimized for business execution and growth, with digital operational overlay. It runs 100% online. The theme is Innovation, Growth & Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies. All contents are self-paced, recorded and archived which means participants do not have to be at any scheduled time to consume contents.

How To Support Tekedia To Win

  • Go here and register a free account, and then login – https://mhagic.com/login
  • Go here – https://mhagic.com/profile/tekedia . Do the following on the top 3 videos which are votable:
    • (1) Vote any amount; 10 Naira for one vote or $1 for 30 votes
    • (2) Watch the 3 videos (only those count for the week)
    • (3) follow Tekedia
  • If you prefer mobile app; download Mhagic app, and find Tekedia by searching on the app Home with @tekedia

Note: If for any reason you find paying with the above options difficult, make a payment via any of the options here – https://tekedia.com/pay  and put in the description section your email. Once we receive, we will ask the Mhagic team to credit  that email to enable you to vote. Pay via our bank, PayPal and Flutterwave and put a note “Mhagic: my email is ….”.


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