MNCapital Hosts Investment Strategy in South Africa

The global finance and investment community is witnessing increasing debate on the extent to which Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors must be integrated into mainstream investment analysis to enhanced long-term investment performance and value creation. Globally, 227 asset owners and 496 asset managers have committed to integrating ESG consideration into their investment and stewardship approaches by signing up to the UNPRI.


This is a strong indication that UNPRI has become a mainstream consideration of innovative asset owners and investment managers. Also, leading financial indices (MSCI indices and FTSE)  and data providers (Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters) launch ESG ratings and tracking products. Thus giving institutional investor and fund managers access to tools that strip down a company’s ESG practices by environmental management, climate change, human and labour rights, supply chain labour standards, corporate governance etc.


The Integrating ESG Investment Strategy in Portfolio Management Forum – An Africa Perspective is a tailored interactive forum designed to explore strategies employed by institutional investors and portfolio managers in integrating ESG issues into their investment decisions. It will also examine emerging investment
strategies and best practices employed by Asset and investment managers to enhance sustainable value creation and improve long-term portfolio performance; thus creating value for their stakeholders. Africa is a unique market, with unique set of issues and challenges to consider when implementing ESG Integration; this forum sets the stage for Africa’s leading asset owners, investment manager, financial and investment community to explore these issues.


This unique platform presents an opportunity for Africa’s finance and investment community to meet, share, network, collaborate and discuss Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in the Africa context.  Participants will debate challenges and issues unique to Africa, hear case studies and lessons from successful ESG Integration and discover how Africa’s investment community need to adapt its strategies for a successful and holistic ESG Integration. Delegates will hear from asset owners and investment managers in Africa, Europe and US who will bring their practical knowledge and insights on best practices in integrating ESG issues into portfolio management of diverse asset classes.


Venue: JSE Auditorium, South Africa

Date: 5th of August 2011

Organizer: MNCapital

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