Motorola To Drop Android for Own OS?

Motorola is said to be developing a web based operating system that would power their handsets in future. May be, the company finds their dependence on a single supplier is not a good idea anymore.


Information Week is quoting unnamed sources that indicate Motorola is developing its own mobile web-based operating system, possibly as a way to hedge its bets on the Android smartphone OS that it has been so successful with of late. When asked for comment, Motorola told IW that the project did exist, but that the company was firmly committed to the Android platform.


“We would like to note that any work on such an OS could potentially be part of Motorola’s “lapdock” plans for its devices, such as the ATRIX, or could merely be a “plan B” in the event that something drastic happens to the Android platform or the company’s relationship with Google.”


Though an official confirmation hasn’t yet come by from the Motorola head honchos, hints of an own web based OS being a practical alternative have trickled down from the company’s think tank. The hiring of ex-Apple and ex-Adobe engineers some time ago might be seen as something related to this thought. Or so, we guess. Hope you remember Motorola has hired a number of web engineers already.


Now that a web based OS that will sport the Motorola branding is on its way, we guess the company is seriously considering handsets that will be powered by the new creation.


Though no one knows what period it will take for development, it cant hurt to look forward to playing with devices that will have the Moto OS.


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