[News Flash] BuzzCity Replies Tekedia – Provides Answers To Our Questions

Our best post, in terms of traffic, last week came from our prediction that CallCamp will win Garage48 Lagos, more than  12 hours before the final event. It happened and many provided feedback. That gave us the highest pageview. Second to that was an article on Nigeria and game downloads – courtesy of Buzz City report.


When we got BuzzCity report, we studied every aspect of it. We must appreciate the efforts they put in it because our parent company had been working for a partnership with an Indian company. The numbers they had there came naturally. However, there were some things we could not understand. We just asked questions.


Today, we are happy to inform thousands of our readers that through BuzzCity PR agency, BuzzCity is providing answers.

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Hi there. We represent BuzzCity as their PR agency. Buzzcity would like to respond to the analysis that appears on the tekedia site – https://www.tekedia.com/?p=4473 . I have attached their response. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


The feedback, from BuzzCity, communicated via ChannelPR is attached.


The key point is this: We are definitely not biased towards Nigeria in our insights, our findings just reveal that Nigeria is growing faster than South Africa and Kenya at the moment.


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