Mr. President “Struggle”

Mr. President “Struggle”

I am in Abuja and one of the places I made a call was President Buhari’s campaign headquarters in Central Area. It was a way of testing and validating the pulse of the season. As I walked to the HQ, I saw this banner (below) as one of many promoting the candidacy of President Buhari: “The struggle for ordinary Nigerians continues”.

I called the men working there and suggested they update the line. My understanding is that the word “struggle” is self-driven which implies that Mr. President cannot do the struggle for ordinary Nigerians unless he is one. In short, the right meaning of this line could have been an opponent banner which would imply that ordinary Nigerians are struggling in the nation.

Largely, the staff member who made that poster was looking for the word “fighting” but ended up with “struggle”.

I wrote on a piece of paper: “Update this line to ‘The Fighting for Ordinary Nigerians continues’” all in caps [he would probably thrash it after I left]. With “fighting”, Mr. President can communicate that he is fighting to improve the lives of his fellow citizens. I am very confident that he is doing the best he can based on his personal capabilities.

I work for all politicians but support none, today.

*Do not read politics into this.


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