Mr. President’s Tweet

Mr. President’s Tweet

If you are a healthcare worker in the U.S. on any type of visa, the U.S. government will renew it or update it for work rights provided you can help in the fight against covid-19. As the U.S. does that, Nigeria is pulling out its health experts from Central Africa because it has a virus war at home to deal with. Ladies and gentlemen, Chinua Achebe would write about Eneke, the bird, thus: “Men have learned to shoot without missing their mark and I have learned to fly without perching on a twig”.

Mr Buhari said he has “directed the NCDC to draft all its recent retirees back into service to beef up our manpower as we respond to the pandemic.”

He added that all staff of the agency undergoing training or on foreign assignments should return to the country.

“Furthermore, all NCDC staff and experts who are away on training or international assignments are to return immediately.

“Already the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) are conducting an evacuation mission to bring back some of our specialists in Central Africa, to enable them support the national response,” he said.

Yes, when things go really bad, the spirit of globalization collapses and readjustments happen on the rule of engagement. In Central Africa, there is a high chance that some hospitals will close just as without Nigerians, the Gambia legal system will struggle. Recently, a Nigerian was the head of the courts after another coordinated the writing of the constitution.

Mr. President has to do what he has to do, which is to protect Nigerians and mobilize his team from around the world. Certainly, while it is very painful to our neighbors for this recall, we need to face the reality of the time.

Yet, President Buhari needs to ensure that the U.S. and Europe do not come after his team as the hourly rate for nurses in San Francisco is hitting $120.


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4 thoughts on “Mr. President’s Tweet

  1. In this period of crisis, how well your country is resourced will determine how far it could hang on, before it degenerates into despair mode.

    You won’t appreciate the value of strong military and arsenal base, until war breaks out and your territory is invaded, then you yearn and wish you had built your capabilities over the years.

    All humans are selfish by nature, you may never notice it, until disaster strikes…

  2. Calling them home is one side of the coin, giving them a better work condition is another side of the coin.

    So, since the demand for health workers has risen then they need better financial benefits too.

    Secondly, the government should come up with policies to reduce brain drain. This will make it possible for us to have good experts to always respond to these kind of world frictions.


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