My Constructs of “One Oasis” And “Double Play” Go Harvard

My Constructs of “One Oasis” And “Double Play” Go Harvard

It is really amazing: the constructs of Double Play and the One Oasis which I developed, refined and used in helping to fix companies, have gone Harvard. Check in Lagos, you will hear young people talking, “this is my double play”. Today, that postulation has gone global. What is your double play? And tell me the one oasis in that business? So excited because we are creating new knowledge systems to advance the ability to combine factors of production to fix market frictions.

Read the summary and then the main piece at Harvard Business Review.

Summary: More and more startups are popping up, offering customers new services and products that save them money. And while their offerings are attractive, they have one shortfall: They don’t capture value for the company.

Fortunately, there is a strategic model that startups can follow that allows them to focus on service and capture value at the same time — double play. Building double play into a startup operation means that a startup understands the current positioning it has and then find ways to capture extra value in that process. In double play, there is a high level of dependency within the business units, making it possible to create a virtuoso circle of value capture within a symbiotic relationship. There are three core phases in creating double play: discovering the best product your business can offer, identifying value points in your company, and then monetizing that value.


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One thought on “My Constructs of “One Oasis” And “Double Play” Go Harvard

  1. Of the triad upon which business model innovation is anchored on: value creation, value delivery and value capturing, the later remains the holy-grail of so many start-ups. Until you successfully figure it out, you are going down.

    Nice piece.


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