My Dangote Book – The Final Book Covers

My Dangote Book – The Final Book Covers

Here are the three final covers for my upcoming book – The Dangote System: Techniques for Building Conglomerates.  This is not a biography book; I have no time for such.  The book focuses on his business and what we can learn from his system. Yes, how a trader, who started like others, became the most important man in African business sphere, and in the process controlling one of the largest industrialized conglomerates in the world.  I am a fan of Dangote just like I am fan of Elumelu, Ovia, etc. Yes, I am a fan of you – anyone that finds a way to take action instead of just talking and ranting.

The book would be live very soon. In my team, this is not a job. Someone makes time to post it. They have promised to find time this month. Once it is done, I will let you know. As always, it comes at no extra cost to our active subscribers. No one makes money from this –  we send the money to Amazon for hosting and the balance to non-profit African Institution of Technology which supports technical education in Africa. We have no skills on asking for donation; I just write/speak things (cases, frameworks, etc) and people pay. That way, we get money to fund whatever we want. It has been working. I have been to dozens of African universities and no one has ever paid me a dime; I do reject payment.

The actual image of this one is not handy.


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