My First Piece Of 2021 Will Arrive Next Week

My First Piece Of 2021 Will Arrive Next Week

My first piece of 2021 will arrive next week. My Harvard Business Review editor just emailed that it is “ready” to go. As the world’s finest business journal, HBR is peerless in its processes. So, you feel great whenever a work is deemed “ready” because it takes efforts to get there.

What do you read? I recommend you subscribe to Harvard Business Review print. I have been reading HBR, Fortune, Forbes (US), and Bloomberg BusinessWeek for many years. Even as a PhD engineering student in Johns Hopkins University, I made time to get through them, besides the technical journals. My experience in banking taught me something: irrespective of everything, if you cannot make sense of supply and demand, and how to allocate factors of production, you will follow others blindly.

Make at least one hour daily to learn daily no matter how busy. Learning should be one thing that keeps you busy. Like in junior secondary school, have a 1-100 Challenge. Yes, read African Writers Series, from #1 (Things Fall Apart) to #100 (Girls at War). By the time you are done, you will know Africa! READ


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