My New Book “Cybersecurity Africa: Policy, Management and Technology” Due Next Month

My New Book “Cybersecurity Africa: Policy, Management and Technology” Due Next Month

First, I want to thank all those that have subscribed to my new ebook – Africa’s Sankofa Innovation- which was launched six days ago. We have a community now. THANK YOU ALL.

Today, I have decided to also launch another book – Cybersecurity Africa: Policy, Management and Technology – in this same Tekedia portal, next month. I am an entrepreneur and I am never afraid to try new things. Deciding to publish my own book, by myself, and in my own portal is a testament of my confidence in our Tekedia community. I treasure the moments you spend here. Thanks Sir/Madam. We love you, and please keep coming back.

Cybersecurity Africa will be a living document which can be updated many times in a year to keep it up to date and relevant. It will be the top destination for anything Cybersecurity in Africa. I had planned to publish it through a traditional publisher, but right now, Tekedia will host it. It is a fast sector, and we do not need a version number; the only accepted version should be current. Internet makes that possible.

If you have subscribed to Africa’s Sankofa Innovation, you will access Cybersecurity Africa at no extra cost. The same applies to subsequent works we are working on which will include Opportunity Manuals in specific industries to help people unlock value in Africa. Once you are a Tekedia subscriber (subscribe here), all old and new materials will be available at no extra cost.  

The book is going through technical editing as it has some really technical elements, which I want to be 100% sure we got them right. Also, a professor of Law is checking the policy side, and a friend in a Lagos bank who manages a bank’s cybersecurity business is looking at the management section . They will be ready next month and we will launch here.

I have a deep experience in the cybersecurity area. Having earned seven degrees, I understand many things in this world. I  remain very humble. I am the founder of Milonics Analytics, an IBM Partnerworld on cybersecurity and big data analytics. I am the founder of U.S. based First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute which Igbinedion University awards its nanodegree. As Global Lead ASIC Engineer with Analog Devices Corp, I worked on the accelerometer used in an iPhone generation and was part of the team to ensure it was hardened from attack. From National Identify Management Commission, Nigeria (they made it public so I can share name) to many government and private institutions, my firm remains a consultant helping on cybersecurity, from policy to management to technology. I will be a trusted guide to you.

Here are some “cover designs” below. One extra cover, my preferred, will be added tomorrow. Can you help us select the best design or suggest an improvement for the book cover?












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4 thoughts on “My New Book “Cybersecurity Africa: Policy, Management and Technology” Due Next Month

  1. Congratulations, Prof! This is just great. I choose Cover Design 4. It’s African focus stands it out. But correct there should be a space after the comma that following ‘Policy’. And if you respect the Oxford Comma, I suggest a second comma after ‘and’.

    1. Thank you very much. They will update the designs. You are right, we need to have spaces. #4 is my choice but they will update it. I want the Africa to be on same line and the sub-titles to be all caps along with my name.


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