My Response to “Intel Campaign” Feedback

My Response to “Intel Campaign” Feedback

This is my response to John’s feedback:

In one of our sessions, I used the “Intel Inside” campaign as a case study on perception branding. One of our co-learners, John Mc Keown, has some perspectives. He has called it “Inside Out” branding and also did some postulations on the effectiveness of the Intel Corp campaign.  Reading his feedback, we are largely on the same page.

AMD, then a major competitor of Intel on processors for laptops and desktops, had protracted years of stock value erosion. Wall Street did not give it any chance as Intel took over the air, even though AMD technology was not evidently poor.

So, in that case, Intel “slaughtered” AMD with that campaign through an effective change of the perception of users and Wall Street. AMD stock tanked; Intel stock rose. But nothing changed on core technologies – a campaign was the difference.

Read John’s piece on click, and let us continue the conversation in the Board.

In One Side of Processors And Out The Other!


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