My Note To NYSC Members – Learn a Digital Skill

My Note To NYSC Members – Learn a Digital Skill

Firstly, this post is addressed to my “mates” who are currently on NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) and young folks out there. If there’s anything very important to a young man or lady who is out of school (higher institution) or who is qualified for the world of work, it is a good job and a stable income.

Now, I know the country is very hard and access to good jobs is also very hard but I have this to say from my observation so far. 

  1. Please make up your life about your career: Honestly speaking, I am not trying to sound like one god up there. There are still many juvenile adults out there who really get on my nerves when we have discussions about career and life. The responses I get most times are. “whatever will be will be”.

I am here to say “whatever will not be willing not be”. Nigeria is a hell of a country, and depression and frustration is so real. See, too many words are coming to mind but I can only type a few.

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I often hear excuses like “there are no opportunities here” Are you really sure about that claim. Don’t you use an Android phone. Remember, I said I’m no god but I don’t believe in giving excuses for some present setbacks. Do something to yourself. Why not spend nights learning something more relevant.

Well, only those who really cherish this will see the value.

  1. Take a chill pill: There’s something called pressure and trust me, I have faced worse last year. While mine doesn’t seem to be as regards seeking for jobs and all directly, it was regarding seeking for funds to keep my startup running. However, there’s going to be much pressure based on the fear of “after service, what next”.

Now, I’m not just assuming this, I’m raising this point because at this point I’ve seen so many folks rush into so many things at the same time. I want to learn this, I want to learn that, and start this business and start that business, all at the same time. Please, you don’t need so many things at the same time. Start from just a simple place.

Most preferably, start by getting a job, start by working! If you have not wired up yourself for entrepreneurship, then don’t venture into it immediately after your service. 

  1. Learn a digital skill: Now, this is exactly why I wrote this post. A digital skill could be common Microsoft Excel; it is a skill. See, stop procrastinating about this skill thing, it’s not difficult; it’s something you can do while you’re currently on service. Now, I know nobody is telling you but when you begin to run from one seminar to the other, you’d realize that you really need it. It will be demanded of you by organizations.

When the word “skill” is mentioned, it’s not necessarily coding; it may not be marketing. Please go and ask friends about which skills will be best for you to learn. I have learnt business development, content marketing, business strategy, marketing strategy over the course of a year.

  1. Maximize LinkedIn or job platforms: Well, as you can see, I don’t currently work as a full time employee. I work based on services as I run my startup, so it might sound like I’m not the best person to give you this piece of advice.

Well, just switch over to LinkedIn, spend time on it daily. You can follow me because I’m working on something huge. However, just pay attention to conversations around what HRs are saying. Get to know the reality, the pros and cons of jobs search. You might get job offers.

I moved to LinkedIn a month again and I’ve gotten two job offers which to me wasn’t appealing, it might to some folks though but the point is that I got.

If Twitter is where you stand higher chances of getting a job, then move; if it’s Instagram, go there. Know where you belong. You should be in the face of these companies.

If you want me to teach you how, it’s not free as well but I’m not even here to sell myself at all. My major concern is that we should all have jobs, good ones and break through in this hard economy.

Finally, I’ll end with this; Pray! As much as you grind, pray!! I believe in supernatural favour, I believe in miracles, I believe God blesses and sends help. I pray for opportunities myself seeing I haven’t arrived yet, I need lots of connections and ingredients in my company, so I pray because I have and I’m still working hard on it.

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