Myspace is Myspace Problem – We Want to Purchase Myspace and Run It with Personality

There is news all over the web that Myspace is looking for a buyer. By this piece, Tekedia submits a bid. We are ready to pay N10,000 (ten thousand Nigerian Naira) to acquire the domain – only. We do not need the staff and underlying technology behind Myspace. We are very certain that Myspace has been poorly managed and the owners missed the direction of the Internet evolution.

The web began with anonymity and then moved to identification. Myspace did not anticipate and understand how the internet had interacted with humanity. That was why they are allowing dogs and chickens to how profiles thereby killing a very promising web phenomenon.

I recalled the day I created an account and logged into Myspace. It took few minutes to see some very troubling profiles. I left and have never gone to the site except to bookmark it for this article. I know what to do to get Myspace back to live. Forget about Facebook, that is not the problem of Myspace. Myspace is the problem of Myspace. If they can agree on it and do what is right, that engine will come back.

Of course, we do not give unsolicited advice. If they need help, they can contact us at Tekedia and we will help. But we want to buy and within three months transform it into an engine of growth – as it used to be. The first part will be cleaning the ultra conservative heritage of the News Corp that offended many liberals. Many could not just stomach helping Fox News – many have this sentiment. News Corp killed Myspace and if they go, the site will be back. I know of five people that left just because News Corp bought it.

Tekedia will send the cheque immediately if Myspace can email [email protected] and we take delivery of the domain. Let us help you get over this tough time. We are certain we will revitalize that product and position it for growth through four simply ways.

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