Name Yahoo Products! Yahoo Mail and News Aggregation – A Web Entertainment Company?

Simple question! What does Yahoo do these days? We mean what products are being offered by Yahoo to the customers.


Yahoo Buzz was shutdown on April  21, 2011 as promised:


As we all known that Yahoo! Buzz is the hot spot to share the best stories and you can talk about them with the people around the web world which help us to gain traffic to a website. A sad news is Yahoo! Buzz was shut down by April 21, 2011 as I came to know through the SEO magazines and journals today.


Yahoo Search has been outsourced to Microsoft.


So what does Yahoo do these days. We think News Aggregation – the news you read on their home page. Oh Yes, its most popular product – the Yahoo Mail. And of course, Yahoo sells adverts but we do not think that is a big one when you compare with Google.


Please share with us other things Yahoo does. We are aware that Yahoo Jobs have also been sold in the past. The same applied to the Yahoo wallet when those days we could store our files online via our Yahoo accounts. We want to know if Yahoo is still a technology company or just a web entertainment company!


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