New Article Coming Next Week in Harvard Business Review

New Article Coming Next Week in Harvard Business Review

My Harvard Business Review editor just approved a piece. It is a really nice article on industrialization, single currency, China – and yes AfCFTA (the African trade agreement). Depending on your HBR subscription, it will be up next week. For my Vanguard Newspapers-anchored workshop, we will be looking at the thesis of this particular piece from the nexus of digital in Africa. Vanguard will begin promoting the event on print and online in the coming days. One of our Directors, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Mr. Gbenga Bamiji, will drive the program with me. Continue to email to my team so that we will inform you once the registration goes live.

Something big is coming. I want you to hold that training budget intact [do not spend it yet] because I will run a workshop in coming weeks under a partnership with Vanguard Newspapers. I promise you that it would be SUPERB. The location is Lagos – the centre of excellence. I will co-learn and co-share with the participants on the mechanics of business as we walk through innovation, growth, and digital.

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