[News Flash] Google Approves Fasmicro To Sell Apps in Android Market

For the global customers, in the next few hours, you will have access to Nigeria’s Apps, developed by Nigerian graduates. Google just approved Fasmicro application to sell Apps in the Android Market. We are immediately going to be pushing African focused apps to the global arena. We are very excited about this opportunity.


For those that do not have credit or debit cards, we are setting up a Nigerian paid store in the Fasmicro Apps Store so that you can pay in the bank and get the apps you deserve. Our free apps remain free for Nigerian customers!


As approved app sellers in the store, Google has also approved us to buy unlocked android phones – phones not tied to any specific telco service on contract.


People, this is the beginning and we cannot wish for another opportunity. Our Game App is coming and we hope we can challenge the best in this game. It is a game inspired by African ingenuity and tradition. Zynga, we are coming!


Fasmicro – innovation lives here. We’re #1.


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