Nice Deal for My “Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics” Book, Kindle and Paperback Out Jan 2018

Nice Deal for My “Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics” Book, Kindle and Paperback Out Jan 2018

As I noted few minutes ago that we would be releasing Kindle and Paperback versions of Africa’s Sankofa Innovation, I am happy to share that our new book Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics: Policy, Management and Technology will also be in the same platforms.

Our data shows that most African subscribers are not fully engaged, on the Tekedia version of the book, unlike subscribers from Europe, Canada and U.S. We understand the challenges associated with metered internet in the continent. So, the new book will expand into paperback and Kindle.

As I write this. I note a partnership we closed for this book. One of West Africa’s largest guarding companies is covering the cost of the change in strategy. We remain in control of all editorial elements but we will put the company logo on the cover of the book. It is a win-win for the Nigerian entrepreneur named Ndubuisi. With this deal, the book will be available in more locations across the continent. Besides, we retain all revenues.

Lagos is always kind. I am very happy that finding a partner was not difficult. We closed a deal from the first company we explored. The experience from my undergraduate days in FUTO (Federal University of Technology Owerri) where I edited and published FUTO Bubbles, a campus monthly newsmagazine, was handy.

We will finalize the agreement next week and a proper notice will be put out. This book will still be published on tekedia and that is coming soon. The paperback and Kindle books will come out in January 2018 for the same reason I stated here.


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