Nigeria, Do Not Waste Money on Radio for Students, Deploy Beeptool Technologies

A state in Nigeria  is sharing transistor radios to help students on the learning journey. Radios are not a good idea. How would the students master chemical equations, calculus, mechanics, etc? I do not see any real value audio offers without visuals when it comes to physical sciences and mathematics. 

At Beeptool, a portfolio startup, we have this technology that delivers good internet provided there is a TV signal in that location. And since most of these students live in places with TV signals, we will give them broadband.

Ladies and gentlemen, building things is a way of life. We can build up Nigeria. Portfolio company Beeptool under the leadership of John Enoh has completed the test of Integrated Satellite & TV Whitespace Wi-Fi Hotspot. Yes, we can deliver broadband services by taking advantage of “space” between TV signals. Simply, provided there is a TV signal in that place, you get the internet. It was a lot of engineering leadership.

Spend that money right – we are here to provide technical and engineering leadership. Tell your governor NOT to waste money on radios.

Portfolio Company Beeptool Completes Test of Integrated Satellite & TV Whitespace Wi-Fi Hotspot



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