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Nigeria Election 2011: Anyone Tracking the Apps Downloads? Let Us Know

After the earthquake, many Japanese downloaded survival Apps on their iPhones and other smartphones. One iPhone App, Medical Encyclopedia for Home Use was #1 in the free App category in Japan. The company that tracks all these Apps, PositionApp, is not yet in Nigeria. Too bad!

Good for Nigeria, we do not have to worry about Yurekuru Call App that moved from #94 to #2 simply because it is a quake warning device.  With a new quake in Japan yesterday, one hopes that these survival Apps helped Japanese.  One thing is proven. Big events affect how people download and use Apps. These days in Japan, survival Apps are doing great.

As Nigerians go to polls tomorrow, tekedia will like to know the statistics. Are people downloading Apps? What is the pattern? This could be hard to find since without locally inspired Apps, we may not bother over election Apps.  Most of the Apps in iPhone are still foreign inspired and may not have relevance in Nigeria. There is an opportunity there in Nigeria to build Apps that have local value.  But all and all, if you have figured out how to track Apps download in Nigeria, please let tekedia know. This will include capturing the ones in the Apps Store like Android, iPhone and the locally hosted ones in the Apps websites.

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