Nigeria Presidential Election – Ten Sites To Watch

This election has emerged as the most “social” in the context of webinity in the history of Nigeria. We are on the roll all the way for the parliamentary election and on Saturday, the big one will not be different.


Election in Nigeria has ceased (for good) to be a one way system – where the organizers announce results in secret. No more. Now, we have the tools to challenge and ask for answers. Recall what happened in Anambra in an election that involved the former NAFDAC Dora Akunyili? The Electoral Officers wanted to manipulate the results – the people revolted. And that triggered investigations, right now, from INEC.


These are the websites you have to watch out

  • Google Elections: GoogleNigeria Election platform
  • Official INEC’s Website
  • ReVoDa: Election App
  • Goodluckjonathanfor2011 He is the president and he is the incumbent
  • Ngrguardian News It remains a newspaper in its own class
  • Gives you the pulse of the nation
  • The best of the sites in this cycle. Fast update and great info on the policians
  • Twitter : #NigeriaDecides; Nigeria twitter hash for second-by-second events on the election
  • – why not us? Be here for the results
  • Next – Next has a web and app for election monitoring


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