Nigerian Graduates – A Low-Paying Job Doesn’t Diminish You!

Nigerian Graduates – A Low-Paying Job Doesn’t Diminish You!

You see many graduates out there unemployed and you blame the government. I do too. I blamed the government for not doing the right thing in the country.

So I embarked on helping graduates as many as I can. Been an unemployed graduate, I quite understand where the shoe pains. The feeling is always suicidal. No graduate wants to go back home. It doesn’t make sense after all that your parents have done for you.

At least, it will make sense for any graduate to take responsibility for himself after graduation and NYSC even if you are not giving them money for now. But when the situation is not encouraging, what can they do?

Like I was saying earlier, I tried to help some unemployed graduates by trying to show them a way that could help them a bit, but I was actually gutted at the manners of some graduates. They all want opportunities with at least six figures for a start.

It really amazes me anytime I see graduates come online to crucify government and recruiters. Are you telling me there are no jobs? For real?

Hell no! There are some jobs out there but when you let the certificate get into your head, the ego starts to push you here and there.

I’ve shared my stories many times. I don’t mind sharing again if someone is really learning. I never started my writing thinking I will earn a dime. I never even see my writing as something good enough to be read or paid for. I only joined for passion.

During the course, I wrote some articles for free. I mean, I got zero dimes. Today, pick up some graduates and offer them an opportunity that is worth $50USD, they will tell you – ”I am sorry, I can’t do it.”

”It’s too low for me.”

”I am a graduate.”

”I have First-Class.”

”I attended Harvard University.”

They will turn it down. Yet, they complain that there are no jobs. You want a job of $5000USD with zero experience, who will give it to you?

I think they are missing a lot here. Not everyone gets lucky with such opportunities. Why not pick the one you see and pile up experiences? That will make you more marketable. Stop deceiving yourself!

Am I against anyone getting what they think is good for them in terms of monetary value?

Capital no!

But I have a problem with people who turn down opportunities because they think too highly of themselves. Wake up from your slumber. You can only do that if your dad owns a company.

Do yourself a favour by going with what you see but never limit yourself to it. A low-paying job doesn’t reduce you. Neither does a high-paying job lifts you higher. It’s who you know and what you know that determines how far you will go.

My question is, ”How will you get to know people when you have turned down almost every opportunity because of the low paycheck?”

Think about it.

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