Nigerian State Wants the “Anti-Corruption” Tool of LinkedIn Nation

Nigerian State Wants the “Anti-Corruption” Tool of LinkedIn Nation

When I became the President of the LinkedIn Nation (lol), I presented my inaugural presentation to the nation. Some components of that speech have gotten some of the decision makers talking.  Few weeks ago, a state government wrote that it would like to have more details on the Pillar 1 – Anti-Corruption & Business Reform.

What I shared publicly (the procurement fraud) was a small component of a comprehensive national framework on how to deal with corruption in Nigeria. I am confident that making systems human-agnostic with unrivaled transparency would significantly reduce corruption. And prevention of corruption over just focusing on prosecution would be catalytic.

For this state government, in a preliminary framework, we have noted that the state must examine how it could build a state equivalent of EFCC but with focus on corruption-prevention by looking at corruption incidents and refining constantly the state processes and systems to close them in near-real-time. And interestingly, even the Government House and security votes would not be exempted.

Our laws and systems on corruption have focused too much on prosecution; we need to invest on prevention. Also, the outcomes on prosecution have not been stellar because of legal loopholes. If we deepen our efforts on prevention by researching and investing on it, we would not just improve the systems but eliminate the pains upon the citizens emanating from corruption, because we would prevent it.

Pillar 1 – Anti-Corruption & Business Reform: We will build a corruption-free nation where it would be extremely impossible to perpetuate corruption because technology will make things obviously transparent. All government systems must be structured to be corruption-resilient so that people that want to perpetuate corruption will fail. We will publish any government expense that is more than N10 million in a web diary which all citizens will have access to. This applies to all levels in the federal government, from ministries to agencies. For national security reasons, a segment will be available to the civil society and accredited press team. Our government will improve business systems and make doing business in our nation easier.


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