For Nigerians, a better bigger investment opportunity than MMM in 2017

For Nigerians, a better bigger investment opportunity than MMM in 2017

Good people and great nation, there is a better opportunity than MMM. The investment is putting your time and efforts to work with Facyber in your city or location across Nigeria and become a representative.

We recently unveiled a top-grade cybersecurity training portal ( from our U.S. office. Using the experiences we have gathered from running Milonics Analytics, my IBM PartnerWorld business, we created this portal to help governments, organizations and individuals deepen their cybersecurity capabilities. All the programs are here.

The programs are structured around Policy, Management, Technology and Digital Forensics making sure that anyone in any field will find value therein. Lawyers, law enforcement etc may be interested in policy while the techies have the technology component. More details of programs are available here.

We want to  channel the energy of Nigerians from MMM to something far better. We offer generous revenue sharing with partners.

Let us know the possibility of working with you. Our platform offers better deals than MMM – get people through your social media, let them use a code we will give and just like that, you are up and earning.

Facyber offers money-back guarantee within a week of enrollment. So it does not cost anyone you bring any risk.



Facyber Team

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