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Nigerians Under 40 No Longer Eligible for Dubai (UAE) Visas – Says Nigerian Government

Nigerians Under 40 No Longer Eligible for Dubai (UAE) Visas – Says Nigerian Government

On Thursday, a video shared by some Nigerians held in a room of a Dubai airport went viral, attracting the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the video, the affected Nigerians, numbering about 20, lamented that they’ve been ill-treated despite having valid travel documents.

Responding to the development, Chairperson of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa, said the affected Nigerians, including those who have been sent back, tried to circumvent the new visa rules of the United Arab Emirates.

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Consequently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Thursday, informing Nigerians less than 40 years of age not to travel to Dubai as they are unqualified for tourist visas under the new UAE visa rules.

A statement signed by its spokesperson, Francisca Omayuli said: “The general public is invited to note and be guided that the Government of the UAE has introduced a new visa regime and has stopped issuing tourist visas to persons under the age of 40 years, except for those applying for family visas.”

The ministry’s statement added that most of the affected Nigerians “were issued with family visas, only to arrive in Dubai alone without any family member.”

“Consequently, they were denied entry and advised to return to their country and apply for the appropriate visas.”

Explaining further on the development, Dabiri-Erewa said on Twitter on Thursday, that most of the affected Nigerians deliberately tried to circumvent the Emirates rules that restrict visa issuance to a category of Nigerians.

“Warned on the new UAE visa rules for certain age categories. Many now try to circumvent by applying for ‘family visas’. They get the visas and travel alone. Also 6 months genuine bank statement, accommodation, return ticket must be produced. Another set to be sent back now,” she tweeted.

She said UAE visa rules require that Nigerian passengers “must have a hotel booking or proof of accommodation address for the whole period of intended stay”, but this does not apply to persons with resident visa.

Many Nigerians living in Dubai have been caught in increasing violent acts linked to cultism. Earlier this year, a viral video showed a group of Nigerian men vandalizing properties and attacking people with cutlasses.

Dabiri-Erewa said through another video shared by NiDCOM on Thursday, that “bad behavior” by some Nigerians prompted the UAE to tighten their visa rules.

‘‘What the Dubai authorities have done is this; they have made the visa processes more stringent. If you are below 30, there is no visa for you; it is so difficult. They make it so stringent that you won’t be able to fulfill it; it does not matter who you are.

‘‘Secondly, if you are going to Dubai now, you have to provide a six-month bank statement, you have your ticket, and you must show proof of accommodation where you are going to stay. If you lie about where you are going to stay, they are going to know, so they are going to turn you back,” Dabiri-Erewa stated on a programme on Arise Tv.

By the sound of these responses, it appears that the Nigerian government is not going to engage the UAE regarding the new visa policy, even as many Nigerians are calling on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reciprocate the new rules.

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8 THOUGHTS ON Nigerians Under 40 No Longer Eligible for Dubai (UAE) Visas – Says Nigerian Government

  1. Nigerian govt to reciprocate what? Do we see Dubai nationals displaying bad conduct in Nigeria?
    It’s good riddance to bad rubbish for banning us. They started all their rubbish cult activities in Nigerian Universities and took the stupid behaviour to foreign countries. I wish they could be arrested, tried in a lwa court and sent to Dubai gallows. And after serving time in prison, they should be shamefully sent back to Nigeria with ignominy in handcuffs to teach others like them a lesson. Nonsense!

    • I’m not in support of Nigerians shameful behaviours in Dubai but I just want to respond to some key questions you raised in your comment. UAE doesn’t have their nationals in Nigeria because they are well taken care of by their government. So they have absolutely nothing to lure them out of their country. You will agree with me that there is no UAE government officials or politicians that have even one house in Nigeria. Can you say this about our politicians? It is on record that in the 70s the UAE King used to come for medical treatment in Nigeria but the reverse is the case today. This was the time when a Nigerian will join the next available flight the following day back to Nigeria after completing his studies abroad. This was a time when other Africans were coming to Nigeria on scholarship to study & were well taken care of by our government. I once met a Zimbabwean in one of the far eastern countries & he was so delighted when I told him I’m a Nigerian. He said ‘Ahh I attended NDA. That was where I did my military training’. Poor governance is the reason why young Nigerians in their prime are running to countries we are better than in search of green pasture.

  2. I feel bad about all this but having experienced one of the worst misconduct, inhumane behaviour and most evil way of treatment by a Nigerian, I strongly support the action taken by the UAE government.
    Nigerians’s arrogance,violence and chaotic characters are really ruining our reputation and putting our stay in UAE as Africans at stake..

    Though I’ve also met and friended very amazing and wonderful Nigerians..it’s just a few goons ruining it all for the silent majority.

  3. It’s a big shame to Nigeria leaders, if our country it okay enough wat are going to concern of going to another country for
    Nawa o for dem

  4. This is really affecting both innocent people from Nigeria
    If our country is good, what will make me apply for a visa to another country. After spending such money my visa was approved gotten to the airport still found out that the visa is being refused without the government’s feeling remorse about it. That’s not fair even one someone has all the requirements, can’t still purchase another visa. Since they know all this is gonna happened they don’t suppose to approve any visa again starting from August. Even my flight I didn’t use it and is open and its gonna be a waste. That’s not fair at all.

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