No Excuses – Begin The Week With Confidence And Discover That Promise.

No Excuses – Begin The Week With Confidence And Discover That Promise.

Begin the week with the unbounded possibilities of the future. Be like the dragonfly which even though enjoying the mild current defines its path. Do not allow the chatter of the paralysis of the Nigerian state to define your state of mind. My confidence in Nigeria comes when I think of the resilience of the Nigerian people. Yes, “surviving” with $24 billion for 200 million citizens when South Africa uses $122 billion for 57 million people, we would be unstoppable if a little more resources (and accountability) are possible. 

Just as a student will struggle in school when he “hates” his teachers, you will struggle in Nigeria if your mind is rigged with despair, hopelessness and orchestrated amalgam designed for your failure. In a nation where everyone claims to be a victim, only you will be your own doctor.

Strength comes with optimism of the future. If you do not believe in the future of your nation, I am not sure you will have the energy to pursue opportunities in the markets to win that future.

Nothing is easy but I remind you that many more are looking to you to help them. If Yobe state has 7.2% literacy rate (only 8 people out of 100 above 15 years can read and write), then, it becomes evident that you who completed at least secondary school education is part of the Nigerian problem, as you got the best from the nation!

No excuses – begin the week with confidence and discover that promise.

Time is Scarce Even in its Limitless Form; Master Your Time.


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One thought on “No Excuses – Begin The Week With Confidence And Discover That Promise.

  1. A great message here. What we need right now isn’t really more dollars, but rather a positive mindset and mentality that is filled with optimism. Once you have that, all this whining about corruption and bad leadership would cease, because you will realise that none of those people can control your happiness or destiny; you must stop making them feel too important.

    Many people have already accepted defeat, implicitly or explicitly, but they keep believing that the government or those up there are the problem; a misguided notion of course. Some have come to the conclusion that Nigeria is irredeemable, allowing despair to rule over them; only cowards chicken out.

    If you see the government or politicians as the ‘enemy’, then that should even spur you the more to succeed, in order not to hand a victory to your ‘enemy’; that’s what brave people do.

    You must win the psychological warfare first, for your physical strength and hard skills to take you far; winning and losing is in the mind. If you believe anyone can frustrate you here, then you keep getting frustrated; nobody should be able to discourage you, no one has such powers.

    Stop handing your detractors the victories they don’t deserve, your education must count for something.


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