Nokia Controls More Than 70% of Nigeria’s Handset Market


This is the concluding part of our examination of Buzz City report. The first part is here.


According to Buzz City, by the end of the first quarter, across the globe, the top phones

used for surfing ranked as follows:



a. Nokia (46.2%),

b. Samsung (12.5%) and

c. Sony Ericsson (8.4%).


But for Nigeria, Nokia controls 74% of the handset market. Sony-Ericsson  has 7.25%, Samsung 6.16% and LG 2%. The generic make up the rest.


Nigeria’s mobile ecosystem dedicates 64% to entertainment and lifestyle; 23% of mobile content; 10% community and 3% search/services/portal. Also, female contribute only 22% in the makeup of the mobility activity in Nigeria. The most active age group is 20-24 years with 41% of the space.

Accordingly to the report,


Nigeria’s seemingly unstoppable growth trajectory continued through the quarter, to end March with 189.9m ads served to 3.84m unique users.



This will surely grow when the WACS cables are completed.


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