OK. MXit is Instant Messaging Application. Yet to Get MXit Moola in Nigeria

From Wikipedia, we collect the following on MXit


MXitis a free instant messaging application developed by MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa that runs on multiple mobile and computing platforms. Along with its own standard protocol, it can connect to Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Facebook, AIM, or Windows Live Messenger contacts as well. MXit currently has 27 Million subscribers, making it the largest social network in Africa, with 40 000 new subscribers joining every day.


You better watch. This stuff is addictive and can drop your grades if you are a  student. Be warned before you sign up. Parents in South Africa are crying that kids are failing exams because of the addition this service provides. Yet, we cry the same way after Faceook. Who cares to learn? This is social media and it may not really matter to learn since you can post your homeworks in Yahoo Answers.

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