On Grades of Life, Focus More On Fixing The Processes, To Win

On Grades of Life, Focus More On Fixing The Processes, To Win

Let me extend that conversation on making As and academic grades in general. Here is the deal: whenever you have a setback, on anything, besides looking at the outcome, spend more time on the process that produced the failure. A student who graduated with a poor grade in a university should examine his/her actions in school. It is only by looking at that process that the student will avoid repeating poor grades in future life endeavors.

This piece was written to provide a deeper perspectives to this one . Certainly, life does not end in As. Every phase could be graded. That you made all As in college does not mean that you will make all As at work. But if we focus on the processes, there is a connection on how developing good productive habits can predict making As in all facets of our lives. Good luck people.  I honestly do not want to make those who did not make As to feel bad. Not the intention; I want to challenge young people to push themselves, aim HIGHEST and achieve. Yes, nothing but the best.

If you worked hard, gave your best and ended up with poor grades: the world has a future for you. That attitude will lead to opportunities. Do not beat yourself down because of setback. Rather, make sure the cause of that failure is not systemic.

Companies hire top graduating students not necessarily because they are the smartest BUT because being the top of the class symbolizes dedication, commitment, and focus.  The implication is that if the student (now worker) commits to those principles at work, the company will win. 

The biggest failure is NOT fixing things that lead to failures. Whether A, B, or C in college, every phase of life has a grade, but all are united by one thing: process. If you have a good process, you will unlock futures, as a student, worker, or whatever.

Go for A Grades – Aim higher and challenge yourself to be the best


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