One key way to protect yourself on Android mobile devices in this new year

One key way to protect yourself on Android mobile devices in this new year

For better or for worse, technology has penetrated on our planet Earth. It has served people in many ways, tinkering with a gadget and exploring its various functions is charming. The advent of smartphones has made the mobile phone experience even better. Smartphones are pet to their owners and accompany them everywhere they move. Using them is a smart experience and the perception that technology has made people dump is nullified.


Dangers from exploded applications:

Though their use is heavenly, but smartphones have certain societal pitfalls too. They have globalized the world abruptly and in many easy exquisite ways. Individuals from all strata and age can access it; the wrong is for the kids with tender age. They use it excessively without acknowledging its drawbacks.

The smartphone brings whole world at your virtual doorstep which is not feasible for kids. Interacting with people of all kinds make them vulnerable to prospect threats, all their childhood we teach them not to talk to strangers, but then giving them a smartphone that breaks all the protective shields and expose them to the volatile world is senseless.


StealthGenie an ultimate safe guard:

Whether you are a working parent or a house wife or guardian by any relation, you need to have absolute grip over the interactions they make. For that StealthGenie mobile spy software is essential. Kids are smart and a smarter software can only handle them. It is the software intelligence that sneaks into their mobile phones and extract out all the information necessary to be known by the guardian.

If you are worried about the traceability of your software, then the software ensures 100% undetectable functioning and presence. It will bring to you all the secret information that they were trying to hide and all the activities they do behind your back or due to your lack of technological knowledge.

The software is handy and works effectively without complaints or signs of its presence in the target phone. The investigator can easily sneak into any live conversations, while sitting away from the target phone and view all that what is happening on the online interface. The user interface is called the Member Area and it possesses all the relevant information you are thriving to get hands on. Information about the people they call, text, email and chat appears before you and you will be in a position to identify strangers and suspicious persons.


Protective shield from all threats:

By marking certain people’s contact numbers or email addresses as important, you can get alerts whenever they are contacted. Supporting the above feature is ‘Reverse Phone Look up’ this feature brings forth all the additional contact and personal information of that person you want to investigate about. Likewise the monitoring software allow the user to even specify words on the online interface, whenever those target words are found in any Email, Chat or SMS message, the user will get notified immediately.

Parents worried about the wandering habit of their children, do not need to mourn over the rebellious nature of their child, Geo Live Location Tracking enables them to see the live movement of their children and even allows drawing and mark boundaries over the Google map provided in the online interface. They can easily view the movement of their child and even gets alerts whenever a certain boundary is trespassed.

This is how the software helps in tackling whimsical children and makes a guardian’s life easy by providing all the surveillance about the kids and their telephonic activities and experimentations with new and old pals and strangers alike.

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