One Secret to Improve Advert Conversion Rate

One Secret to Improve Advert Conversion Rate

It does happen – you spend on Google and Facebook adverts and your site sees heavy traffic. Then you stop, and the traffic goes. And when you check the sales unit, nothing has changed. So, even when the visitors came, they did not buy anything. What could be the reason? You did not give them any reason to take action when they landed on your site.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may expect visitors to arrive with expectation to take action. One way of doing that is not to send them to a homepage or contact us page but to a specifically designed page that offers a clear demand for action.

Look here and here to get the idea. These sites have clearly explained the businesses and then asked you to take action [Call to Action], if interested in what they do. When next you have money to spend on digital ads, make sure you build a page that is uniquely customized for the visitors. When you do that, you improve conversion rate – turning visitors into paying customers.






Ndubuisi Ekekwe. The solution is deeper than a specialized landing page. I find that many advertisers don’t understand HOW advertising works and consumer motivation.Consumers are not in the market to buy everyday. Purchases have a time-frame, usually a future date. Depending on the product category, this future date may be in a few days, a few weeks, months or even years. This is empirically proven. (Effective) advertising therefore seeks to influence future purchases. If I’m not ready to buy yet, I most certainly won’t click through and buy. Only thing that will likely get me to click through out of purchase cycle is if a deal is on offer. If you want immediate conversion, you should probably offer an incentive. The primary role of advertising is to build consideration, remind and ultimately build preference. Expecting instant gratification/sales from it is expecting the girl to jump in bed with you on a first date.

[..], you are right. Advert goals are for Long term purchase ,repeat purchase and constant reminder to purchase. This is why some big brands in the country are still advertising despite the fact that people are already aware of their products.

Actually the Call to Action depends on the immediate need. You may advertise to have brand awareness. But for most Nigerian advertisers, the main focus is CTA. Coca Cola does not need CTA but “EducateALL” would expect you to open an account


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