Tekedia Contributor Gets a Board Offer with Equity; Send Your Articles

Tekedia Contributor Gets a Board Offer with Equity; Send Your Articles

As I always say, “Your most useful talent is the one people know you have”. Yes, it is irrelevant if you are mathematical like Chike Obi; until people know you sabi, that talent is still latent and (possibly wasted).

So, I am happy when one of Tekedia contributors shared a fascinating update: he got a board offer with equity in a really good company. They have read the contributor and they believe that our thought-leader has the capabilities to bring value.

He will join the world of expanding cycle, going forward. Yes, that is how the world works: they keep recycling the politicians in Abuja and you are there complaining that they are not injecting new ideas without knowing that, most times, only the visible are called.

Within the limits of your work contracts, it pays to write, publicly. Yes, one article in your field of study or work per month will help you go further. And anytime you do that, send to my team (contact here). They will work with you to have it on Tekedia. Everyone is waiting to read you!


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2 thoughts on “Tekedia Contributor Gets a Board Offer with Equity; Send Your Articles

  1. Kudos to our esteemed contributors, A few weeks ago, I noticed a trend where prof Ndubuisi started encouraging more posts from the house. At first I was worried he wanted to switch to a platform like nairaland predominated by user generated content, I was a bit worried the standard would drop, and prof will only post once in a while, and if you wanted profs wisdom pearls you had to come in house. so far it hasnt prof has posted continually like before and has been able to add value to members by giving them a platform, and also increasing the strength and value of the platform by helping members get more visibility and rewards. If it isnt a virtual cycle, I dont know what is. Was this a conscious decision or startegy realignment?

    1. Good points Admira4Eva and thanks for the insights as always. Certainly, my desire is that we have a platform for people to share things. We will continue to edit and never do pure user-generated. The goal is really for people to put their insights out there. Only the visible are noticed. Linkedin is a locked garden as Google does not prioritize contents there on searches. Having it here does two things – you connect in LinkedIn and also make it easy for Google to help people discover you. Certainly, we will add editors to ensure the typical typos and grammar issues are improved.


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