Tekedia and Our Services are Back – Our Apologies

Tekedia and Our Services are Back – Our Apologies

Today, we experienced one of those hate-loves from technology.  At around 10.24 am New York time, Tekedia.com went offline. We checked further and realized that Zenvus.com (our agtech business), facyber.com (our cybersecurity business), and other solutions were affected. These solutions are hosted on AWS somewhere in U.S.

AWS does not have a phone line. You just have to send them a support case hoping they would get to the issue. We have real-time back-ups of all services. The problem was not the data. The issue was the server. Apparently, one would need to pay for servers hosted in another location as a live back-up. More money to Amazon!

To the students taking quizzes on facyber.com from partner nodes, we sincerely apologize. To our farmers and partners, my apology and to Tekedia, we say sorry.

This does not usually happen. But when it does, it makes you feel bad. Interestingly, AWS has some fascinating guys there. One of the engineers wrote “when this happens, more often than not the load balancer is unable to connect to the back end web server.” He did not have a good sleep since it was obvious everything was sold by Amazon and it was his problem. But we are happy this was fixed.

Have a great evening.


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